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Logos can be etched onto each YETI in as little as 3.5 seconds, with the capability to process up to 10 YETIs simultaneously on the machine.


BirdieBox etches with the same Radian Machine used by Yeti to ensure attention to detail with each customization.


BirdieBox has shipped over 50,000 YETI's in the last yet alone. We take pride in every shipment, ensuring that each YETI product reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Global Sourcing

We collaborate with hundreds of prestigious brands to offer you a diverse selection of the latest trending products.

Custom Packaging

Our custom packaging options are unrivaled, offering a distinctive blend of personalization and customization. They come in elegant black and white as well as durable corrugated varieties.


Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our team will assemble your gifts and photograph each package as it departs our warehouse, ensuring top-notch quality control.

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