Corporate Gifting, Why It Matters

Corporate Gifting, Why It Matters

Corporate Gifting, Why It Matters

In the corporate world, corporate gifting can be a great way to show appreciation for hard work and loyalty. Finding the right corporate gift should not be hard.

From new employee welcome gifts to employee appreciation, there are many opportunities to express gratitude with meaningful gifts that will leave a lasting impression. This blog is here to help you find just what you need to create a high quality gift for employees or clients and take your gift giving to the next level.

Corporate gifting is the perfect thank you

What is the Birdie Box Difference?

To have a great corporate gift you need to think outside the "gift basket". The Birdie Box difference come from our unique process.

01: Intent

Define it. What is the purpose of the gift? What are you wanting to accomplish?

02: Message

Clarify it. What strategic element from your core values, event, marketing campaign, etc can you bring forward into the message of the gift?

03: Wow Factor

Deliver it. Lead with the personalization and customization on the product. Capitalize on the custom packaging and video messaging to deliver a human connection beyond a swag bag of tchotchkes.

Personalized gift box

The Ultimate Corporate Gift

When selecting the perfect corporate gift for your colleagues or business partners, it is important to consider their interests and personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for something practical, luxurious, or personalized, there are a variety of corporate gift ideas that can be catered to individual needs.

Popular Options

Some popular options include custom apparel and accessories, technology items like headphones and tablets, self care items like a scented candle, luxury stationery sets, gourmet food baskets, drink ware, delicious snacks and tasty treats, or even a personalized yeti. With the right selection of employee gifts, you can show your appreciation with a thoughtful message.

yeti tumbler

Corporate gifts

When choosing the best corporate gifts, it’s also important to ensure that the item is a meaningful gift and appropriate for your budget to create the perfect gift idea. Investing in quality products will create more of a lasting impression for the recipient. Researching various options can help you find something that meets both criteria while still remaining within a reasonable price range.


Ultimately, the best corporate gifts should feel like they were made just for them, so making sure there is always a personalized message to go along with the personalized gift is key to creating a great gift.

Whether personalized or not, a thoughtful gift can be a great way to leave a lasting impression that your colleagues and business partners won’t forget. With careful consideration and research into options, you can easily find something special that will make them feel appreciated. Adding a company logo can create a fun gift to fuel your company culture.

Self Care

Many companies want to promote healthy work life balance, by creating a gifting strategy this can add to the company's culture. By giving business gifts that contribute to your employees at home health, self care, or out of office activities, it can show that you view your employees as a person first.


Corporate gifts are also a great way to show appreciation for your new employees and valuable customers. Whether it’s something small like delicious treats or something more extravagant such as luxury tote bags, displaying gratitude in the form of a gift can go a long way in building loyalty and creating positive relationships and building the company name.

Holiday Season

The holiday season is always a time of giving, this is one of the best times for corporate gift giving or sending business gifts. With a personalized gift you can create a unique corporate gift that will leave employees feeling valued. The holiday season is also the time to highlight client gifts, we have to appreciate those who keep our company moving forward.

holiday season

Gift Box

Corporate customized gift boxes are an exciting way to express appreciation for employees, customers, and business partners. A gift box is the new gift basket.

These custom gift boxes offer something unique and personal with features such as the company logo, a special message, or personalized items that reflect your brand’s values. The best part about these gift boxes is that they can also be tailored to fit any budget for unique corporate gifts.

Customized gift box - superbowl

Showing Appreciation

Showing your appreciation in an unexpected way can make all the difference in making sure your associates feel valued and appreciated. With thoughtful consideration and research into options, you can easily find something special to send to an entire team at your corporate office to improve employee engagement.

Adding your corporate logo to a customized gift box can create a great corporate gifts or client gifts. Not only does it make the gift more personal and unique, but it also allows the company to stand out from other businesses as a thoughtful and caring employer.

Personalized gift box- celebration bowl

Gifts can be part of employee rewards where company's allow their employees to choose gifts. Employee rewards through gifts can be a great way to recognize and appreciate the efforts and achievements of your employees.

Gifting Suite

On site gifting suite

Questions to consider for corporate gift ideas

Corporate gift ideas can range from high-end items such as luxury watches to more budget-friendly items like coffee mugs or branded golf balls. No matter what you choose for your corporate gift, make sure that it reflects the personality of your business. When choosing unique corporate gift ideas think of the occasion it is for. Here are some questions to consider to create an especially good corporate gift.

What is the purpose or objective of the gift?

  • Determine the specific goal you want to achieve with the client gift, such as expressing gratitude, strengthening the relationship, or promoting your brand.

What is the employee's or client's background and preferences?

  • Consider the client's industry, personal interests, and cultural background to select a gift that suits their tastes and values.

Will the gift be perceived as valuable and thoughtful?

  • Assess whether the gift is something that the client will appreciate and find functional. It should be thoughtful and demonstrate that you have taken their preferences into consideration.

Does the gift align with your company's branding?

  • Ensure that the gift reflects your company's values, brand personality, and overall image. It should be consistent with your brand identity and leave a positive impression.

Does the gift have a lasting impact?

  • Consider whether the gift has the potential to create a lasting impression or value for the client. A gift that has practicality or longevity can serve as a reminder of your business and help maintain the relationship.

Does the gift comply with any ethical considerations? Do you want to shop from minority owned businesses? Do you want to support sustainable brands?

  • Ensure that the gift adheres to ethical guidelines and is appropriate within your industry or the client's industry.

Should the corporate gift include the company's logo?

  • Consider if the logo will add to the company culture, and build on your company's branding. Adding your logo can also be great client gift ideas to continue your outsourced branding.

Would your new hires appreciate employee onboarding kits?

  • The best corporate gift is feeling welcomed and accepted by those you start to work with. A fun gift to lighten the stress of a brand new job can create a relaxed culture in the workplace. A small gift box to show your excitement will be a lasting memory of your commitment to your employees.

What are your favorite corporate gift ideas?

  • Keep it simple. This is in your hands to design the best corporate gift to show employee appreciation. Your corporate gifting strategy doesn't need to be the same as others. Gift giving can be specific to your taste.

Is it for employee holiday gifts?

  • Remember to keep in consideration all cultural differences when picking holiday gifts. A thoughtful gift can create demonstrate how much you care as an employer. Gift giving during the holiday season can spread cheer and create a better work environment.

cheers- two champagne flutes

Corporate gift ideas

There are numerous corporate gift ideas that you can consider, depending on the occasion, budget, and the recipients' preferences. Here are the best corporate gift ideas or client gift ideas:

Customized items

Personalized gifts are always appreciated. You can consider items like engraved pens, custom-made notebooks, or personalized desk accessories with the recipient's name to create the perfect premium gift.

Tech gadgets

Technology-related gifts are often well-received. Options include USB drives, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, or virtual reality headsets.

Gift cards

Provide flexibility by offering gift cards from popular retailers, restaurants, or online platforms. This allows the recipients to choose something they truly desire for themselves or the whole family. This gift idea is not as personable, but can work when in a rush.

Premium stationery

High-quality stationery items like elegant journals, leather-bound notebooks, or luxury pens can make sophisticated corporate gifts. The premium materials will stand out to employees making them feel appreciated even more.


Insulated tumblers, coffee mugs for keeping drinks hot, or stylish water bottles with the company logo are practical and functional gifts.

Desk accessories

Consider items that can enhance the recipient's workspace, such as desk organizers, elegant paperweights, or unique desk lamps. Each of these would be the perfect office gift or a new hire welcome gift.

Gift boxes

Curate themed gift boxes containing gourmet food/snacks, chocolates, coffee/tea assortments, a scented candle, self care items or spa products. This option offers a variety of treats for the recipient with all the essentials.

These can also serve as perfect welcome kits to create higher employee engagement. A small gift box with a few treats or a large gift box with luxury items will show how much you care as an employer.

Eco-friendly products

Show your commitment to sustainability by selecting eco-friendly gifts like reusable shopping bags, bamboo utensil sets, or solar-powered chargers.

Corporate-branded apparel

Branded clothing items such as polo shirts, jackets, or caps can help promote team spirit and create a sense of unity within the organization and employee appreciation.

Personalized calendars or planers

Useful tools for organizing schedules and managing tasks. Consider creating a custom design with company logos, motivational quotes, or inspiring images. By personalizing it you can create even more unique corporate gift ideas.

Welcome Treat

Put together a little welcome treat for new hires and onboarding employees to make them feel welcomed to their new work place. This sets the tone for your new employees and gets them excited for work. A welcome treat could best be put together in a gift box.

The Perfect Gift Idea

Remember to consider the preferences, tastes, and cultural norms of the recipients when selecting corporate gifts. It is not hard to create a good corporate gift, but we are here to help you create a great corporate gift. Keeping this information in mind will take your gift giving to the next level!

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